International women's day: Femininity and style in stripes


March 8th is around the corner. And to celebrate women, as is right and proper, as well as the traditional mimosa flowers, you could also give your special woman one of the new women’s striped shirts by Xacus, just like the ones we recommend here, to make this an even more special celebration.


A silk shirt with bayadere stripes where white and light blue alternate to create a light, summery look.
This type of stripe is linked to Latin folklore, taking its inspiration from the dresses worn by South American dancers. It is also known as the “deckchair” stripe because the effect is that of the patterns used on beach loungers. The perfect way to bring a touch of summer into the wardrobe of the woman you love.


You could also choose a silk oversized shirt with white and sage bayadere stripes, the ideal garment for warmer weather, as a beach cover-up or even to create an outfit for a special occasion. Featuring a pronounced split, it drapes softly over the body of your loved one, revealing her figure with discretion, and never exaggerating. Olimpia is a skilled combination of the elegance and softness of silk and the cool fresh style of a women’s shirt that has something different from the rest.


This will be like giving her your own favourite shirt, which on her, creates a completely different effect. A striped shirt in pale tones, with the soft shapes that make it perfect for the determined, woman, so sure of her own femininity that she can enhance her own charm and delicate sensuality with a men’s shirt.

The shirt, with its elegance and cool charm is a perfect gift and looks perfect with trousers or a skirt, or even special accessories to give the wearer a style that is never the same and never, ever boring.

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