Ironing a shirt: incredibly simple


All it takes are three simple words like “iron a shirt” to see eyes rolling, hear long sighs and in some cases, have others fleeing. This is because, in the collective imagination, this operation is seen as complicated and tedious. In reality, once you are familiar with each stage of the process, ironing a shirt becomes easy, fast and for some, relaxing. With a bit of practice, it will no longer be a waste of time and you will be able to listen to music or an audio book, or watch the TV as you iron.

5 steps to perfect ironing
1. It all starts at the collar: spread it out well and iron from the centre to the right and left, first on one side and then the other. Each time you run the iron in one direction, we advise you keep the fabric taut with your other hand to make ironing easier. This is the case with the collar and every other part of the shirt.
2. Move next to the shoulders, that should be placed around the tip of the ironing board, as if you were about to insert the sleeves, leaving the latter hanging. This is how you iron the top part of the shirt, going over both the back part and the front.
3. Now come the sleeves: open the cuffs well and iron them front and back ensuring the tip of the iron goes into the sleeve. Then fold the sleeve following the stitching and iron both sides, from the cuff to the underarm.
4. Now move on to the chest: go over the part with the buttonholes, from the bottom to the top and then iron the rest from the front left-hand side. Continue on the front right-hand side, going around the buttons.
5. All that is left now is the back: you will need to lay down the back part of the shirt on the ironing board facing downwards, so that the two flaps hang over the sides. After ironing this part, your shirt is ready.

Before we finish, here are a few more tips on how to iron shirts.
- Drying it after it has been washed is important: hang the shirt on a coat hanger so that the creases can form.
- After you have finished ironing it, hang it on the hanger again so you do not need to fold it and it will keep the effect created.
- Use plenty of steam for an easier iron and get round those obstinate creases with small squirts of water that can be sprayed from the iron.
- Read the manual and adjust the heat of the iron according to the type of fabric. This way you can be sure not to ruin it.

All that remains now is for you to try it: you will discover that ironing is not as difficult or boring as you thought. Lastly, remember if you do not have time, you can choose the non-iron shirts which are even easier to iron and keep a perfect crease even longer.

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