It’s not a back to work without an oxford shirt


Back to the office this year has an even more significant value in Italy and abroad. The pleasure of going back to choosing the perfect shirt and finding the right combination of the perfect pochette, silk tie and tailored jacket that holds the right balance between fit and weight, is a luxury that we have not been able to afford for too long.
Among the most contemporary man coveted choices, the oxford shirt has a front row seat, thanks to its comfort given by its intertwined yarns of various colors, doubled in the warp, with a single thicker and, above all, soft white weft thread, which together create that unmistakable basket effect that gives it a dotted look. 

This structure, as well as making the oxford shirt more comfortable in use, gives it a less formal appearance and, therefore, suitable for most of the opportunities.

Perhaps not everyone knows that its name derives from the area where its production originated, exactly an area of ​​Scotland specialized in the production of fine fabrics which was assigned the names of the 4 prestigious universities (Cambridge, Yale, Harvard and Oxford ) who supported and handed down the values ​​of British style and tradition, still today a cornerstone of classic male elegance.

The collective imagination associates this model with the botton down shirt, because it represents one of the most used combinations with this textile, but – actually - the oxford texture is present in the shirt manufacturers best collections, in various versions that see it declined in italian collar (definitely more classic and elegant), french collar (with a more sporting reputation, but much loved by business men) and with an ever less thick texture, to give the wearer an experience of absolute comfort, even in the less cold season, through the fine Royal Oxford.
An ever deeper research for chromatic variants is dedicated to this timeless garment, because to the big white, light blue and pink,  we can add stripes - so loved by women who, this year more than ever, cannot do without a men's shirt in their wardrobe - and again a midnight blue for the first post-holiday aperitifs in the city.

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