January, time for skiing and shirts


There is something special about every month.
January represents change and progress. It’s the period when everything gets a new start.
Every month is unique, just like shirts that are made with care, attention to detail, and top-quality materials.

With its strongly vintage heart, this is the ideal shirt for this new year, in January 2017.
It is part of the Beluga Washed collection, which stands out for its sporty chic style.
The spread collar is in a custom tailor fit, the gusset is tear proof on the hem, the collar stays are removable, and it is completely needle stitched.
The check pattern is reminiscent of the unique atmosphere found in the cosy warm chalets, après ski. The elegance is always in perfect Xacus style: sober to perfection.
The fabric used is twill melange flannel, made with a double twist yarn and super-cotton finish, meaning it is made to last.
This type of shirt goes perfectly with any type of plain winter trousers in cotton in the colours beige, brown, or sage green, or any type of jeans. The ideal casual shirt for wearing a little unbuttoned, over a melange grey or cream T-shirt, and with the sleeves rolled up. This is a timeless must-have that will last for years without ever going out of fashion.

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