Javier Bardem, casual-chic shirts along with a touch of class.


Eclectic, cosmopolitan, charismatic and mysterious with his invariably cool look, Javier Bardem embodies the unconscious charm of the modern man who needs no artifice to show off his real essence to others.

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, class of 1969, the Spanish actor has three Oscar nominations to his credit and has won countless awards in the field of cinema, including a BAFTA award, 6 Goya Awards, two Volpi Cups for best actor and the famous Best Male Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival.


Married to the glamorous and talented Penelope Cruz, Javier has always known how to make the most of his Mediterranean charm with informal, casual outfits alternating, when necessary, with particularly elegant tailored suits that convey his exuberant personality and that sophisticated air typical of a Hollywood star.

His easy-going style is perhaps the most natural expression of a real sporting spirit, derived from his past in rugby which he played for a long time before starting on his acting career.

Off-screen his appearance becomes comfortable and accessible, with T-shirts, tartan casual shirts always worn open, jeans and sneakers. On the red carpet, however, we find him in classic black-tie and contrasting white shirt, an elegant dark blue suit or a sophisticated shiny grey suit with button-down shirt. And for his leisure time, the sporty look returns: T-shirts with slogans are seen under a grey blazer or military jacket, while skinny jeans and leather boots complete the outfit.


His favourite accessories include plain-colour or patterned ties and classic brushed leather or patent leather lace-ups. To hide from the indiscreet gazes of passers-by and paparazzi, he invariably wears baseball hats and strictly vintage dark glasses.

Elegance and sporty style, in fact, are blended together and cross-reference each other in Javier Bardem’s wardrobe, always full of surprises and a source of inspiration for the man who does not want to give up on the comfort of casual clothes but at the same time retains an innate touch of class that allows him to stand out and be noticed.


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