Jungle blue for the bowling shirt in this August’s outfit


Elegantly casual and a little bit wild - that’s our outfit suggestion for this month.
The main theme here is all about the colour in all its shades, passing from indigo to deep blue with excellent nonchalance.

The first to catch the eye is the jungle print indigo shirt, one of the pearls of the Beluga Washed collection, which stands out for its unmistakably chic, vintage feel.
What is really fascinating about this shirt is the pattern, a floral composition that is so perfectly balanced as to add movement and life to this short-sleeved men’s shirt.
The soft, deconstructed bowling collar is perfectly in sync with the mood of the outfit, while the patch pocket blends perfectly into the variegated pale grey bouquet.
The straight linear hem of the shirt means it should only be worn outside the trousers.

The dense jungle print of this men’s shirt sets off and brings out the garment-dyed blue trousers to the full, like a clear night sky that covers a forest.
The comfy trousers with deep cuff seem made for this shirt, because the pairing blends together with extreme spontaneity.

Finally, the sandal seems to add an expert colour inversion compared to the men’s shirt and the trousers, by adding a delicate beige to give this outfit its final touch.

The ideal stylish look for a summer evening that’s different from the rest, like an August bank holiday, where the fireworks won’t be the only surprise.

Want to find out what the next Xacus recommended outfit will be?
Stay tuned!

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