Know your shirt fabrics: the silky softness of Viscose.


Presented for the first time at the International Exposition of Paris in 1891 and patented at the start of the 20th century, viscose revolutionised the clothing world forever, answering the growing demand for a cheaper, alternative solution to silk.

Composition, properties and characteristics.

Soft, polished and pleasant to the touch, viscose is a textile fibre made from plant-based raw materials and synthetic chemical substances. Initially known as plant silk and later, as rayon, today viscose is known by a variety of names, according to the raw material used. Cellulosic viscose fibre is used when it is extracted from plant material, such as beech, eucalyptus, bamboo, corn, soy or sugar cane. Protein viscose fibre is made using the proteins of other plant-based materials, soaked and dissolved in a chemical solution to obtain a viscous paste that is then transformed into the fibre that gives us the yarn.

Since it is an artificial fibre with natural origin, viscose has greater moisture-wicking properties than any other synthetic fibre. The fabrics made with this material are lightweight, highly breathable, and have a particular cool effect, for a pleasant feel on the skin, especially in summer. They are fast drying and don’t usually crease, which makes them excellent or making “non-iron” items. Viscose is also extremely resistant to wear, biodegradable, and keeps away bacteria and dust mites. Thanks to its hypo allergenic properties, it is also used to make bed linens and blankets as well as for underwear and clothing.

Viscose textile fibres are often mixed with other fabrics such as cotton and polyester, and this combination adds to the softness and pleasant feel, while leaving the characteristics of breathability and comfort unchanged. And to guarantee the right elasticity, elastane and spandex can be added to the mix. 

Wearing a viscose shirt means loving bright block colours, practical use and perfect fit, given the smooth, velvety surface for guaranteed comfort and an impeccable look all day long.


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