Knowing about fabrics for shirts: the elegant lightness of Grenadine.


Grenadine is a small-weave grain that, in spite of its structure, can seem heavy and complex. It is a fabric with great breathability, ideal for every season. In particular in the summer, when wearing a shirt all day may be uncomfortable, we need a fabric that lends freshness and comfort, but that is also stylish and elegant. Grenadine is a perfect solution thanks to its special open-weave armour, that makes it especially suitable for dispersing heat, even on the hottest days.

A long history of natural inspiration.

More commonly known as honeycomb, as it is reminiscent of the structure of bees’ nest, this type of construction has been used in several sectors and environments throughout history. The first honeycomb construction by humans dates back to more than 3000 years ago and in Ancient Greece it was used to optimise the use of building materials. Honeycomb compounds have been used widely in several sectors, from theautomotive industry to furniture making, from logistics to aerospace, given its resistance to high temperatures.

Grenadine began to be produced in England in the early 19th century, after the invention of the bobbinet machine by John Heathcoat, a machine that copied the famous hexagonal structure to make curtains, or fabrics such as tulle. The honeycomb motif was then used in all kinds of textile production: from mosquito nets to bed linens, from bridal veils to ballerinas’ tutus, and from decorations to nets.

Made in cotton, silk or synthetic fibres, it is formed by the meeting of two different warps: a traditional straight one and the other that alternates its position, first to the right, then to the left, at each passage of the weft. A particular, hexagonal weave is thus formed, reminiscent of a honeycomb, in fact.

It is shiny and bright, while to the touch it is elastic, porous, structured by incredibly light, and allows air to penetrate and cool the body. It is comfortable and strong: Grenadine, in fact, bears creases well and is long-lasting compared to other fabrics. 

It is favoured for the production of linen and cotton shirts, the types that are most suited to hot climates due to their breathable effect the whole day through. Ideal for work, formal occasions and for all situations where we want to be impeccable. The honeycomb armour is the perfect compromise between comfort, elegance and wearability.

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