Knowing about shirt fabrics: the Oxford and Royal Oxford shirts


On our journey to discover men’s shirt fabrics we have not yet talked about one of the best-known, the one recognisable to the touch because of the special effect obtained during processing. We’re talking about the Oxford, that essential item in the wardrobe of anyone who loves shirts.
The name “Oxford” comes from the famous English city, but few people know that the origin of this fabric is Scottish.

In the 19th century Scotland was one of the outstanding locations in the textile world. Being one of the best manufacturers meant carrying out research to create new types of fabric. When four new fabrics were developed, it was decided to give them the names of four famous universities of the English-speaking world: Yale, Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford. Only this last fabric was particularly appreciated by the public, to the extent that polo-players started to prefer it because of its breathability and the University of Oxford, England, decided to use it for their student uniform shirts.

Oxford fabric is created with pure cotton yarns in basket-weave. The effect is enhanced by the use of thin, coloured threads for the warp and a thick, soft white thread for the weft. A chequered pattern, light to the touch, is thus formed and this is the effect that marks Oxford out from other fabrics.
This special feature is what makes it ideal for men’s formal and sports shirts, although its lightness, comfort and breathability also make it suitable for casual outfits with a chic touch. However, if one is seeking a more refined fabric, then the Royal Oxford is perfect.

Royal Oxford
This fabric is processed in the same way as the Oxford, but using much thinner threads. The fabric thus becomes softer, characterised by a silky effect which makes it even more stylish. In addition, the yarns used are not in different colours but all in the same colour, thus creating a graceful effect that highlights the special processing of the Royal Oxford fabric.
These features make it perfect for a formal outfit and also for office wear.

So whether you choose the Oxford or the Royal Oxford shirt, you can anyway be certain you’re wearing a tough and trendy man’s shirt, ideal for being impeccable and giving your look a touch of elegance.

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