Linen flannel shirts: lightweight softness.


Warm and light at the same time, this is one of the main characteristics: of linen flannel, an exclusive and extremely refined fabric that has the warm hand of flannel, with added lightness and a casual look that only linen fibre can provide. This flannel in 100% linen is the result of combining traditional textile manufacture with the cutting-edge technologies of Albini. It is finished using a gauzing technique, which lifts the fibres of the fabric to make it even softer. Made with machines using metal tips to brush the fabrics, the result offers the utmost breathability and natural feel, with a warmth and softness to the touch.

All the patterns of Xacus linen flannel.

Perfect when the look you need is sporty or casual, the linen flannel shirts from the new Xacus collection stand out for their tartan checks, available in different colour variations and constructions. And if you love a street look, with a slight contemporary lumberjack feel, we can recommend this tartan shirt from the Heritage collection with soft Kent collar and front pockets, in shades of green, blue and red. A perfect look when paired with dark cargo jeans, mountain boots and a deep blue chunky cardigan. The yellow check version, with black and a contrasting fluo yellow, are a great match with dark structured jeans with a tailored fit, a down jacket and a pair of dark kicks for a look that will take you on any excursion, in town or out.

If your preference is for a more formal check, this tartan shirt in reds and greys, with new-design cutaway collar and rounded cuffs, is perfect over a dark pair of trousers with a small check, a matching waistcoat, and a pair of dark brogues, for casual-chic results. And if you would rather have a brighter palette, we have this flannel shirt in yellow ochre and grey, paired with green trousers, a cashmere cardigan in deep grey and a classic pair of dark desert boots, for an outstanding look in terms of style and elegance.

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