Linen, hemp, and cotton. A new mix of fibres to bring back sustainability with style.


There's a wind of change in the PE 22-23 shirts collections, with renewed environmental awareness, which always originates from a greater attention to the development and use of sustainable processes and materials.

The search for innovative fabrics and new mixes, in order to create new-generation fibres, is the absolute protagonist of this season, with an offer of irresistible materials, from a shirt comfort and duration standpoint.

Knowing how to choose our winning partners, among the greatest experts in the research field, provides us privileged access to innovative materials and product development systems that can anticipate our customers' needs, offering items that always exceed expectations.
Organic cotton, linen and canvas are the soul of a new generation of shirts, especially for the warmer season, always selected by focusing on the environment, in a new philosophy that seeks an aware balance between every day needs and respect for nature. Linen - with its natural rustic and textured effect - obtains the best performance, from a chromatic and aesthetic standpoint, in its natural, soft hues, including delicate pastel nuances.

When mixed with cotton, this ancient fibre creates a more regular and sophisticated weave, perfect to create linen shirts for more formal summer events: the result is a performing shirt, such as the Travels Shirt, ensuring an impeccable, wrinkle-free fit, for the entire day. Linen, with its heat-regulating function, is even more popular in its new floral patterns, for a fresh and cool look.

Moreover, using canvas from organic farming makes the new offer of sustainable shirts even more successful, when it comes to product quality and concept. When mixed with cotton, this mixed canvas fabric shirt becomes soft to the touch and with a nice fit, for absolute comfort on the skin.

This season, the offer is broadened by striped button-down shirts, in the powder blue, amber and military green variants.
And for the most demanding men, the search for new materials went even further, to offer them a fine and sustainable fabric.

The crown jewel of this PE 2022 is the flamed mixed canvas fabric Zephir shirt, obtained thanks to our important partnership with Albini, which devotes a great part of its business to studying new organic materials. This flamed fabric is a strong badge of distinction, for anyone who relies on stylish details. A fabric so raw such as canvas, in the collective imagination, becomes suitable for a distinguished gentleman, and goes right into the line-up of classy shirts, with a strong personality.

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