Maia: the striped women’s shirt for your July outfit


Sober, simple casual style is what this July outfit is all about.
A look that reflects this season’s colours, like the pale blue of the sky just after dawn, and the bright white of the most exclusive beaches.

The focus is on Maia, a sleeveless women’s shirt with a soft T-shirt collar, buttonless, and decorated with patch pockets on its profile.
This summer’s on-trend shirt is about fine stripes that add a dynamic, lively look to the garment itself.
And the side splits give it a feel of being just about to move gently in the mild summer breeze.

A denim midi with a flared design that picks up on the white stripes of Maia, to carry on the light weight styles for the hottest season of the year.
The fringes give it that fun touch that gives it such a particular look, yet combines perfectly with its discreet character.

And to conclude the look started with the striped shirt by Xacus? Sneakers. Simple lo-tops in mélange and cream, to blend with the soft pastel palette of the outfit.

This is a look that can be used on a variety of occasions, such as a day out shopping, a walk, or an evening out with friends.

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