Man’s brown shirt; 3 outfits to combine it with


Captivating, refined and with a wealth of meanings in all its shades. Some people might think that brown is a colour for the colder seasons, but in fact it’ s a colour choice that never goes out of fashion at any time of the year. You just have to remember some little tips to combine it correctly, and this colour, in its infinite nuances, holds its own with accessories and casual garments but also with more sophisticated, elegant men’s clothing items. A brown shirt, for example, can be impeccably integrated into outfits that are very different from each other, according to the style of trousers or suit. Let’s have a look at three variants.

For casual wear

We start from a casual, comfortable, vintage-flavour look, perfect for all those occasions that do not necessarily require us to be high society ambassadors. We’re referring here to the winning jeans-and-shirt coupling: a brown shirt in corduroy or soft checked flannel – two fabrics that have recently been particularly in vogue – is the ideal companion for a pair of slim, dark-wash denims and russet-brown leather boat shoes. You can give the final touch with an elegant bomber jacket in beige suede.

For a sophisticated, chic effect

The second and more sophisticated idea we would propose for an outfit plays on a variety of brown tones mixing different fabrics and materials to give a partly shabby-chic look. A man’s patterned shirt in earthy colours, tending towards burgundy, combines very naturally with a pair of chino trousers in hazelnut twill. To round off the combination, there’s an elegant, but in this case very casual, garment: the waistcoat. However, two rules are required to be followed here: the brown shade of the waistcoat must be quite different from the rest of the outfit and the fabric must be strictly natural – like wool, for example. Another detail that can make the difference in creating your look is having the waistcoat in the right size, as it must be neither too wide nor too tight.

For a partly retro combination

The third and final style recommendation is a special combination between brown shirt and sage-green two-piece suit: together they offer a very up-to-date look, but with notes from the past. In this case, an Oxford shirt with brown checks on a white background is matched without any hesitation with a corduroy velvet suit in sea-green colour shades. No accessories are needed in this case, only a good posture: it’s a perfect style for the man who is attentive to details, who wants to be alternative but with the class that marks him out from the crowd.

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