Man’s waistcoat: the essential chic, eclectic accessory in your wardrobe


The man's waistcoat is almost always associated with formal occasions and its use with suit and tie. But this is not always the case: this item of clothing is evolving and becoming a part of more casual outfits, although ones that are still elegant. This is why you could wear it even at parties or on any of those occasions where an elegant, informal style could be ideal.

Let’s start with the basics: how to wear a man's waistcoat. A waistcoat should slim down the figure making the part of the bust more uniform. This is why it is important to choose the right size: it should not be too large, otherwise creases and puffiness will form. At the same time, it should not be too tight, because it will certainly not be comfortable to wear. It should be worn with a fitted shirt that should not be visible at the waist: indeed, the waistcoat should be just long enough to cover the latter. Lastly, if you wear this accessory with a suit, the V-neck on the waistcoat should be tighter than that of the jacket, so that it can be seen underneath.

Every waistcoat has buttons, usually from three to six. When there are six they can even be set out in two rows or sewn following an oblique line: in the first instance we are faced with a more classic accessory, while the second is undoubtedly unconventional.
The buttons on the waistcoat should always be closed otherwise it would not be so elegant. The only one that should remain open is the last button at the bottom: closing it would make the waistcoat less comfortable as it would become too tight at the waist.

When choosing a waistcoat, we recommend you avoid synthetic fabrics with a shiny or polyester effect as the outfit would be less sophisticated. It is best to choose a waistcoat in wool, linen, cotton or other natural fabrics.
Furthermore, wearing this item of clothing means you do not need any other accessories like a pocket watch or pin: the waistcoat is an accessory in itself.

Summing up, let's discuss style. Each man's waistcoat is elegant but a different outfit can be achieved depending on the combinations. It will be more classic if combined with a suit and tie. In order to do this, match the waistcoat and jacket as similarly as possible, if not the same. The waistcoat should seem like part of the jacket and provide continuity in maintaining its elegance.
If you want a casual outfit you can combine the waistcoat with jeans: this way the accessory becomes the key element in the combination and this way you can indulge yourself with textures, colours and fabrics.

In a few days time it will be New Year’s Eve: why not try and create an elegant combination right now, classic or casual with a waistcoat?

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