May with the faded-effect military shirt


May is the prelude to summer, the launch pad into the warm weather, and the month where light and heat become more intense.
At Xacus, we have the men’s shirt that perfectly sums up this period of the year, where style meets comfort.

The garment-dyed shirt is sober but with a particular distinctive note – the faded look, which comes from a special treatment, is what gives a vintage tone to the fabric and to its overall look.
The tone-on-tone colour takes up the military theme, a trend with a timeless charm.
This men’s shirt in linen is part of the Beluga Washed collection and it is ideal for the last few weeks of spring because it is cool, light weight and pleasingly soft.

It expresses its best when accompanied by soft white trousers that bring out the best in the colour but it also pairs beautifully with denims or a pair of white Bermudas.

This linen shirt is available in different shades to suit the different tastes of every man, including pearl grey, turquoise and peach.

And here we have May, with its fantastic lightweight bright shades.

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