Melina, the women’s check shirt for a warm, fashion-forward look


Melina is a women’s check shirt designed for winter wear. It is made in a warm blend of cotton and wool with a fashion-forward original cut, elegant palette, and texture.

Melina’s looser fit can be seen in its shape, which is unusual for a shirt and makes it a sort of hybrid between a shirt, a jacket and a tunic. Its elegance lies in the fact that the design is an expert combination of soft lines and sophisticated features such as the V neck, and the side slits.

Another distinctive feature is the colour. A fine burgundy line to emphasise the grey weave and add the touch of brightness that is often lacking on other checked shirts for women. This shade is the queen of winter outfits because as well as pairing beautifully with neutral grey, it never fails to go well with beige or blue, and of course, with an elegant black.

Our outfit suggestion has paired Melina with a pair of black trousers with a close-fitting waist and legs that flare out from the knees down. Bell-bottoms, an iconic staple of ‘70s fashion, have been seen making a catwalk comeback and are therefore, perfectly on trend. And what’s more, the flared leg echoes the slightly flared design of the sleeves.

Lastly, the choice of shoe is a response to the request for some fashion glamour: open toe with black socks. The heel size is significant and there is a strip of velvet to decorate the wedge. Of course, the colour mirrors the distinctive detailing of the women’s check shirt: burgundy.

This is our recommended look, but Melina is such a versatile item that it can be used to create endless other outfits. Like all long check shirts, for example, it can be worn with a pair of black or deep grey leggings and a pair of black boots. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure of wearing a comfy, fashionable item: the best there is.

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