Men's fashion: denim shirt reloaded


Grey is a timeless classic, a fine, elegant colour that is perfect in any garment, especially overcoats. The medium-length grey herringbone tweed coat is created to last and to deal with the worst that the climate has to offer. It is also perfect for many types of suit and according to circumstance, it is ideal for a sporting look.

Under a coat, a man’s shirt, the essential companion. A denim shirt in dark blue will brighten up the overall serious look of the outfit, strongly characterised by the weave on the coat.
Grey also calls for light, and therefore white, which can be used to create a harmonious overall effect.
The white shirt has an important place under a grey overcoat that can act as a foil for the different models, collars and cuffs, showing glimpses of the lines.

To accompany a men’s shirt and overcoat, we have trousers, decontextualised for unexpected combinations. Jersey trousers with soft lines, now back and totally on trend. Or even a classic style of trousers, once again in a deep shade to provide the perfect emphasis for the grey herringbone tweed.

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