Men's scarf: seven stylish ways to keep warm


In one of the coldest months of the year like January, a scarf is an essential accessory. Often deliberately left in the wardrobe because seen as impractical or difficult to match, men’s scarves can be as much a part of a sophisticated outfit as they are for women.
There is no problem wearing a scarf and the seven different ways of wearing this accessory are proof of this.
Before discovering which one is your favourite, assess the measurements of your men’s scarf. This accessory has a variable length and width: the latter ranging from between 15 and 35 cm although it is the length, generally between 120 and 200 cm, that often determines the choice of one or more ways of tying the scarf.
The fabric, on the other hand, plays its part in protecting against the cold: it is easy to imagine that wool and cashmere are the warmest, but perhaps you have never taken into consideration the idea that a chunky knit woollen scarf requires a simple knot, is more practical and not quite so elegant. On the contrary, a combination of yarns or synthetic materials can clear up any doubts.

The easiest way to wear a scarf is draped (1): it drapes over the shoulder, and hangs down over the chest. It is ideal for elegant outfits because it combines with V-neck jackets worn with a tie although it can also be combined with sports jackets. You can create a medium length scarf, so that the ends cannot be seen from below. Furthermore, not protecting your neck is only a good idea when the temperature is not quite so cold, like the next two methods that we will show you. You can wrap the scarf around, leaving it loose at the neck with the ends at the front (2), or knot it from the bottom upwards as though it were a silk scarf, encircling the neck (3). The former adapts to any kind of outfit, while the latter is more suitable when you are not wearing a tie.

Let us take a look at what to do when the temperatures drop to around zero. If you have a medium length men's scarf then you can wrap it around your neck leaving the ends to drape at the back (4). Inserting the ends under your coat will keep you warm and tidy. If, on the other hand, you have a long scarf, we recommend the fake knot (5) or the French knot (6). The first one is a free-hand knot along the longest side of the scarf where you can insert the other end of the scarf and is ideal for sophisticated outfits. The second one can be achieved by folding the scarf in the middle and slotting in both ends. Adjustable and elegant, this knot is best matched with less voluminous fabrics.
Lastly, if the temperatures drop even further and it gets icy cold, then the best solution is to wrap the scarf around your neck twice (7).

Now all that remains for you to do is use this advice to create your own new outfits with your scarves, without forgetting comfort and style.

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