Men's shirt cuffs


The shirt is a piece of clothing that embodies elegance and refinement.
It has many details that create different models to be used on the widest variety of different needs and occasions.
One of the distinctive features of the men’s shirt is its cuffs.

Let’s take a look at some of the different models and their characteristics.

Cutaway cuffs
This is the most widely used model. It features 45° mitred angles and can have one or two buttons. Usually, this type of cuff is used on button down shirts. It is a cuff that gives a shirt its unmistakable distinctive style.
The double button version – where only one of the two buttons is fastened – is dressier than the classic model.

Barrel cuffs
The barrel cuff, also known as a “round” cuff, has a single button and is generally used on elegant shirts. Its versatility makes it a good choice for less formal shirts.

Square cuffs
Also known as the “straight cuff”, this model makes it possible to roll up shirtsleeves easily, up to a maximum of two turns, so that the sleeve comes just under the elbow. This quality makes it the ideal choice for informal and sporting events.

French cuff
This is absolutely the most formal look and is in fact made to wear with a cufflink, an accessory that adds elegance and classical style to an outfit.

Double cuff
The horizontal buttons make it possible to adjust the width of the cuff according to the occasion. Usually the left cuff is buttoned to its widest to make room for a wristwatch.

Now you can choose the right shirt model for every occasion while being sure to show off your perfect style.

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