Men’s shirts and trousers: Cool combinations – Part II


In the previous article we told you about playing with contrasts and how to combine fabrics and successfully match patterns, textures and solid colours.

Now let’s take a look at the great classics, with some tips for matching outfits based on your skin tone.


A classic style is the cool look for parties, formal occasions, and weddings.
The timeless choice of black & white is an excellent option: black shirt and white trousers create an elegant look for these occasions.
If what you want is a more particular look, then you could opt for a navy blue shirt with khaki trousers.

And what about the office? It’s not always possible to be bold in the workplace, but it’s easy to be stylish.
Different choices are available to match with the simple elegance of a white shirt: trousers in deep grey, or even blue or beige.

Matching with skin tone

There’s another factor to remember when creating a successful look: skin tone, which can include olive, porcelain, and warm, darker tones. Here are a few recommended shirt and trouser pairings:

Pale skin tones call for light-coloured shirts and dark trousers. White or light blue shirts are excellent partners with blue or black trousers.
Red shirts should be worn with beige or blue trousers, while black sits best with blue or grey.
It’s a good idea to avoid brights such as yellow or orange, as they tend to dull the pale tones of the skin.

Olive skin tones call for other combinations, such as black shirts and grey trousers or a brown shirt over beige.

Those with darker skin won’t go wrong with a beige or blue shirt over black or grey trousers. Dark shirts, in blue or brown, look best over beige and khaki trousers. If you have dark skin, we advise against brighter shades.

Now you know much more about matching your shirts and trousers, you can choose the combinations that make you look best, in line with your preferred style.

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