Men's shirts: tips for looking your best


A shirt is a versatile garment that can add elegance and class to a look or be dressed down to suit a casual, sporty outfit.
However, there are some factors to take into account when choosing a shirt if you want to look your best in any situation.

Shirt collars, when buttoned, must never be too tight or too wide. There must be enough room to slip two fingers between the fabric and the skin to make sure that the shirt is a comfy fit.

To understand if you have chosen the right size of shirt, look at the armholes, which must be positioned between the end of the shoulder curve and the start of the arm. When you lift your arms by 45 degrees, with the shirt tucked into your trousers, see whether the shirt is pulled out at all: if this happens by more than 2-3 centimetres, it means that the armholes are too low.

The right shirt must never fit too tightly or too loosely. Choose one that does not create folds, but which still allows you to move in comfort.

The same rule applies to the sleeves: when you hold your arm straight alongside your body, the fabric mustn’t crumple or pull because it is too tight. Sleeves must fall correctly, almost like a second skin.

Cuffs must cover the wrist joint and rest at the start of the thumb, as well as being tight enough not to slip over your hand. They must stay in this position even when you bend your arms.

Shirt lengths must never be more than 10-15 centimetres over the buttocks and your shirt must never come free of your trousers when you raise your arms.

Now you know how to choose the perfect men’s shirt for you, then you will be sure to look your best on any occasion.

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