Men’s suits and shoes: the right combinations for every occasion


Choosing the right shoes to wear with a man’s suit is not just a matter of matching the colours of the two items as closely as possible. Often there is a wide range of possibilities on offer and it is important to know which is the perfect combination for the occasion in hand, or for creating a specific style.

The dark blue suit is the easiest one to accessorise, because it is the perfect match with black, brown and dark red shoes. Black shoes worn with a navy blue suit make for a formal outfit that is ideal for the office; instead, brown shoes create a more versatile look, suitable for various occasions and therefore easier to wear; finally, choose dark red (or burgundy) shoes if you want to add original flair to your look.

The grey suit is less formal than its dark blue counterpart, but just as versatile. This colour too, in its lightest shade, also matches well with the three colours of shoes mentioned above. Black shoes are always the safest choice and the most elegant too, especially when paired with a white shirt and tie. Instead, brown or red shoes give the outfit a casual feel.

The charcoal grey men’s suit matches well with black and burgundy shoes. Black is a sure-fire success, but only choose burgundy if the occasion is elegant but not too formal. Here, brown shoes are a no-no: the combination would be too over-the-top.

The brown suit is perfect with brown shoes, as long as they are not exactly the same shade. The difference between the two colours must be visible and the outfit is perfect if the shoes are a slightly darker shade of brown. Instead, wear dark red shoes for a stronger contrast. Finally, avoid wearing black shoes with a brown suit at all costs: black and brown never sit well together.

And last but not least, the black suit, which should only be paired with black shoes. This is because black suits are usually only worn in very formal occasions when brown or red shoes would not be suitable.

These are only guidelines to help you to choose the perfect match, but they are not hard and fast rules. Feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content if you want to create a truly new and exclusive look!

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