Micro-print shirts: a perfect style for both office and leisure.


Tired of the monotony of plain-coloured shirts? Trying to find a quirky, new look for your office wear? There’s no rule dictating that in choosing business clothes we can’t have fun with elegant, refined colour and pattern combinations: all you need is a good eye and the knowhow to combine the various pieces. Checks, dots and colourful geometric shapes are the star players in micro-print shirts. Perfect for both the office and leisure time, micro-print shirts are invaluable if you want to add an elegant and personal touch to your everyday wardrobe, to make you feel relaxed and confident.


Micro-print shirts: the best combinations.

As we return to the office, the days become longer, and wearing comfortable clothes is the best way to deal with this. High-quality fabrics and yarns are essential for perfect wearability and offer the greatest comfort in any situation; this is why the range of micro-print shirts is created in lightweight compact poplin, fine and soft to the touch, making them easy to wear when on the move. The great classics make a comeback this season in the micro patterns, with strong colours but also in classic shades of dark blue and pale blue.

For the more whimsical of you, dark red with its exotic flavour is the perfect counterpoint to contrast with light blue in this shirt with its geometric pattern and vaguely retro charm. The elegant half-French collar looks good when worn with a blazer on more formal occasions, or with a classic dark blue cardigan for dinner with friends, paired with coordinating classic trousers or the timeless jeans, again in a dark blue shade.


For lovers of a more vintage look, this micro-print shirt with its 70s-style geometric patterns in shades of blue and orange, is perfect for a real postmodern dandy. Matched with peach-colour classic trousers in cool wool, a dark blue, classic-cut two-button jacket and a pair of dark brown Derby shoes, you’ll achieve a look that will certainly get you noticed.

Finally, for fans of traditional classic styles who would never deviate from the elegant business outfit, we propose two combinations with micro-print shirts in light or dark colours. For those who like pale-coloured shirts, we might choose a pattern of pale blue dots or a geometric pattern of light blue diamond shapes, worn together with light grey, classic trousers and coordinating jacket to give a more formal look, or a dark blue cotton round-necked sweater and sneakers, for a more sporty, casual appearance. If, however, you prefer darker colours, this button-down shirt with its elegant circular geometric pattern, can be matched perfectly with dark blue chino pants and a sports blazer in a coordinated shade, to create a look with a timeless charm that’s perfect for any occasion.

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