More comfort with the innovative Active shirts


Having to wear a formal shirt again after the summer break is always rather difficult, especially if you don’t feel quite comfortable in one. This is why it’s very important to be able to choose a shirt that’s perfectly constructed and impeccable, with tailoring details that make it a great classic shirt, irreplaceable among the garments in the man’s and woman’s wardrobe.

The white shirt, or the pale blue one, not to mention the iconic striped shirt – all the great classics of elegance now meet the needs of the man and the woman who are unstoppable and tackling the relaunch of their activities on a global level, with a consequent resumption of long-haul travel. The return of direct contact signals the start of a new era which sees the market becoming stronger and companies investing in optimism.
The style reflects the energy of this historic moment requiring maximum concentration and outfits that are innovative in their quality, design and long lifespan.


Shirts in active fabrics are a real revolution in tailoring because they offer a product in which every care is taken in the tiny details of their aesthetic aspect, but which is decidedly more practical, thanks to a Japanese system of processing an exclusive polyamide and elastane yarn, specially designed to achieve greater elasticity and freedom of movement. The result, as well as unparalleled comfort, is a shirt that stays fresh throughout the whole day and is quick-drying after washing. A perfect ally for people who travel and who can see themselves in a new generation of luxury shirts; these shirts allow room for comfort, with their extremely breathable fabric giving those wearing them an almost imperceptible feeling of lightness on the skin, even on the hottest days. The wearer experiences a total freshness never found before in a garment for man or woman.

Apart from meeting the requirements of the best sartorial traditions, it is important today, more than ever, for a garment also to obey the rules respecting the environment during its production processes. The Active-shirt, in fact, affirms its smart, sustainable profile using clean electricity to cut down on CO2 emissions and reducing waste of the water used: we’re talking about only 50 litres of water to produce an Active-shirt, as against 2700 to produce a cotton one.

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