New features in the Xacus collection for the F/W 2017-2018 season: men’s shirts in flannel and linen


The days are growing shorter and temperatures are starting to feel cooler. Now is the time to present the new Xacus autumn/winter 2017-2018 collection.

The new season’s men’s shirts are characterised by a touch of alchemy working on materials, shapes and silhouettes to produce a rich, versatile collection.
The quality of the tailoring, which has long been the hallmark of Xacus, combined with cutting-edge technologies, creates a harmony of fibres in different mixes, new fits and updated volumes, comprising a well-balanced selection of style proposals across the sportswear, formal and fashion ranges.

Checked shirts form the main theme of the winter season. Ideal for a decidedly sporty, casual use, checks are interpreted in many different materials from printed Oxford check shirts, to warm cotton flannels, and right down to the exclusive 100% linen flannel produced by the Albini textile firm.
And there are also striped shirts, following on from their recent brilliant summer season. If you want to be positively one step ahead of the rest, the exclusive barrè stripe shirts (horizontal stripes), often interpreted in fabrics worked in bouclé and jersey, are a must have.

Top colours for men’s winter shirts for this autumn and winter are navy blue, bordeaux, green and all shades of grey. New types of processings are added to these sophisticated combinations, such as bouclé, mélange yarns and textures in indigo, which create warm fabrics with a good weight, ideal to be used as overshirts.

Printed shirts come in strong colour shades and patterns, creating fascinating colours ranging from mustard to bottle-green, by way of various black and dark blues. We find floral or geometric prints in wool flannel, cotton poplin and jersey for the new autumn-winter season.
Formal lines become lighter, enriched with a shabby-chic flavour in grisaille mixtures and textures with exquisite colour nuances, especially in all the shades of strong sky-blues.

The characteristic features of men’s shirts for the new collection also include the choices of new volumes. Some models are oversize, giving a comfort fit in almost oriental and super-modern sizes, while in others the fit is lean and wraps around the figure thanks to the use of a new 100% natural cotton stretch fabric.
Collars are still restrained in size; they slip off and are reduced in their lines, while for the classic shirts they are characterised by a greater consistency and stiffness.

Autumn and winter are shaping up to be quite the opposite of monotonous and gloomy if you wear Xacus shirts. All the new features introduced in the new collection will bring a touch of freshness to your wardrobe, so that even the never-ending, coldest days will be made cheerful and full of promise.

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