Plaid flannel shirts: the warmest looks for the autumn.


Tartans, Scottish plaids, big checks and plaids are still the hottest looks for next season. A vintage look that takes us right back to the 1990s and the world of grunge, with the Sex Pistols and Kurt Cobain. Checked shirts are still the perfect joker, a versatile item for creating classy or rock-style outfits, for both men and women. The most important thing is not to limit yourself and play around with the brightest colours such as the reds, browns and yellows, and matching them with cooler colours like green and blue. Let’s take a look at a few outfits combining checked shirts with other items.

The best looks with checked shirts.

Big protagonists in the new Urban Heritage collection are soft flannel checked shirts that are perfect for wearing over a t-shirt for a minimal look. For example, this button-down shirt in red and grey hues can easily be worn over a white t-shirt, skinny black pants and a pair of black Chelsea boots, for a glam-rock look. If you are a lover of the colour yellow, on the other hand, this checked shirt is perfect for a country look when paired with dark blue straight jeans and a pair of yellow chukka boots.

For the more elegant, on the other hand, we can think about looks with a checked shirt to be worn tucked in to trousers: a perfect compromise for breaking up an outfit that is a bit too serious. Ideal for informal daywear, the checked flannel shirts with French collar are made by the Albini Group on a Twill base, guaranteeing a soft, pleasant feel to the skin. For example, this plaid shirt in blue and burnt brown can be worn with classic cool woollen trousers or a blue cotton pair of chino pants and a pair of white sneakers, for a casual-chic look, or this shirt with its orange and grey hues that is perfect when matched with grey or dark green trousers, a matching blazer and a pair of black Derby lace-ups.

To give a British-style shake up to your wardrobe, all you have to do is get inspiration from our e-shop!

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