Reda and top-quality Italian merino wool for the new Xacus shirts


Sophisticated materials, high-end production and strong links to its land of origin – these are the values that for over 150 years have been the hallmark of the Reda wool factory throughout the world and that have led Xacus to choose it as its partner for creating prestigious shirts in pure merino wool and high technological content.

Reda’s story began in 1865, when Carlo Reda’s passion for wool and his business acumen drove him to transform the small mill located at Valle Mosso, in Biella province, into a large wool factory. During the following years, with the management being taken over by successive generations, the business grew and continual investments in technological innovation made Reda a reference point for the textile sector for clothing and Italian shirt production. Although its natural outlet was in international export, the company chose to keep the factory and the whole production chain centred in the Biella hills, where the culture and the manual processing of wool have been kept alive and passed down by local artisans through the generations.

Xacus made the decision to collaborate with Reda to create its shirts because of the very high quality of the finished product: the fleece with which the yarns are made comes directly from the estates of Glenrock Station, Rugged Ridges and Otamatapaio Station in New Zealand, where the best sheep for producing merino wool are raised in an area of over 30,000 hectares, without the need to resort to mulesing. Innovative spinning systems together with the textile tradition in the Biella area give rise to lightweight fabrics that are soft to the touch, elastic and resistant, and all these features combine perfectly with the values of The Journey Collection – the new shirt collection presented by Xacus at Pitti Immagine Uomo 95. Contained within the collection are wrinkle-free, breathable, odourless shirts with thermo-regulating properties, perfect for the man who is always on the move and who needs practical clothes that won’t fail to deliver the style he requires.

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