Roll neck sweater and shirt: how to combine them to perfection.


With the onset of autumn, a timeless garment comes into the limelight again, one with excellent wearability and produced in a wide range of fabrics and colours: this is the roll neck sweater. It’s an iconic garment, created to protect the necks of fishermen in the open seas, and in the 1950s it was voted by feminists as a symbol of equality between the sexes and reconfirmed as trendy in the 1960s thanks to Marcello Mastroianni who wore it in the cult film “La Dolce Vita”, which is the origin of its name in Italian – the “dolcevita”. Worn by bohemian poets, artists, musicians, men of letters, famous film directors and even technology guru Steve Jobs, the roll neck sweater is a symbol of a refined, alternative-chic styleessential in both a man’s and a woman’s wardrobe matched with a shirt, especially in this 2019-2020 season.

The man’s roll neck sweater, offering chic style.

Ideal for all occasions, the roll neck sweater can be worn anywhere: from a work appointment to a leisurely walk, an aperitif with friends or dinner with colleagues, you’ll always feel at ease. The question is: how should you wear it?  Let’s imagine the fit – soft but not so soft that it becomes baggy, the collar is pulled up and then turned down and it looks perfect when worn over a shirt; this will avoid the sensation of the wool on the skin and, if the points of the collar are allowed to appear above the sweater, it will give you a trendy, modern touch that’s always appealing. Styles in wool are often successfully combined in more sporty, raffish outfits, for example with jeans, a leather jacket and boots. Fine-knit or cashmere roll necks go well in more classic, elegant combinations, such as when matched with an overcoat or a trench-coat, or worn under a tweed jacket or suit, varying the look with a contrasting colour.

The woman’s roll neck sweater between fashion and good taste.

In the woman’s version, the shirt and roll neck duo is one of the essential elements for next season, to create a look that’s both trendy and chic. Warm and cosy, the roll neck hides the more critical points of a curvy silhouette, emphasising waist and bust, and it can give rise to unexpected combinations when matched with midi-skirts, high-waisted jeans and corduroy trousers. For a sexy effect you can combine a fine-knit, slim-fit roll neck with an elegant silk or poplin shirt, playing around with a strong colour contrast, even tone-on-tone, and a pencil skirt. If you love more vintage looks try a black roll neck under a white shirt with dark trousers or worn with a pinafore dress in pure revival style.

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