Saint Valentine's with a shirt: the perfect outfit for him


This is the day for lovers. For Saint Valentine’s Day, we think it’s important to give a present to the men, and we can suggest just the right outfit for this occasion.
Whether you’re having a candlelit dinner in a high-class restaurant, an evening at the theatre or in the intimate surroundings of your own home, this look is exactly what you need, because it’s versatile and appropriate for all situations.

The men’s white shirt is a perennial choice you can rely on for the most important occasions or if you’re undecided at the last minute. A white shirt is in any case always synonymous with elegance and easy to match. Be careful about the collar-style: for this evening you don’t want to be too classic; a shirt with a contemporary cut would be the best, so go for a small Italian collar with topstitching. An elasticized, stretch shirt will give you the confidence of perfect wearability and the comfort necessary even for an action-packed evening.

Worn on top of your shirt you’ll have a black jacket with peak lapels, another garment that gives your outfit refinement. It must be strictly two-buttoned, and with no extremes of extra-shimmery and shiny fabrics. If you button it, remember to use only the first button.

If you want a less formal look, we recommend classic black denim which will go well with whatever shade of black you’ve used for your jacket, creating an ensemble applicable to any occasion.

Ready to experience a memorable evening?

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