Sculptor Nick Hornby wears Xacus for L’Officiel Hommes


English sculptor Nick Hornby has chosen to show off his style with his own personal interpretation of Xacus shirts in the November issue of L’Officiel Hommes. Hornby, who is well known on the international panorama for his works at London’s Tate Modern and at the Eyebeam and MOMA in New York, has a style that combines traditional craftsmanship techniques with the very latest in cutting-edge technology to create works with three dimensions. A harmonious melding of old and new that is also reflected in his creativity. And in his fashion sense.

For Nick Hornby, elegance “is about a balanced image”. The outfits chosen for the shots taken for L’Officiel Hommes all have Xacus shirts as their key theme and here they show the twin sides of his personality: on one hand, the informal sculptor at work, needing inspiration and physical effort; on the other, the formal young man moving between meetings, photo tests, computer renders, presentations and parties.

The first outfit reflects Hornby at work: workwear that combines the comfy style of black sneakers and a classic white dungaree, worn with the bib unfastened and with a sophisticated touch that comes from the shirt jacket. In this case, the shirt chosen for the job is in heavy grey linen cavalry twill with side pockets. This versatile item is perfect for a casual look when worn over a practical vest or tee. The second outfit choice is all about the white shirt in textured cotton, worn over a pair of black trousers with a classic belt with metal buckle. For the artist, the shirt symbolises the end of the working day, “of physical effort” and in this look, we can see his balanced, pared back style. The white shirt needs no additional features, by wearing it tucked in with fastened collar, he creates the perfect smart effect.

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