Shirt and bow tie: elegance and a sought-after look in a single combination


Shirt and bow tie are a touch of class: the bow tie is a distinctive accessory that adds life to a formal, elegant outfit. That said, it is not the only style that the bow tie can achieve: by choosing the right shirt you can create different kinds of combinations.

There are three kinds of bow ties: the butterfly is the most traditional and is generally between 5 and 7 cm wide. Then there is the pointed model that stands out because of its pointed tips and is between 4 and 6 cm wide. Lastly is the straight end, tapered and narrow being 3-5 cm wide.
The size of the bow is important because, generally speaking, the bow tie should be aligned with the sides of the face of the person wearing it: if the ends are in line with the ears, then it is too wide; if, on the other hand, they are in line with the eyes, then the bow is too narrow.

The width should also be considered when choosing the collar on the shirt to be worn with the bow tie. This accessory is usually worn with a dress shirt or one with a wide collar: this way the ends of the latter can be hidden as they should never be visible. Precisely for this reason, more-open collars are more suitable like French style ones, while semi-closed collars like the button-down should never be worn.

As well as the shirt for the bow tie, you should also think about the jacket, which you should never be without when wearing a bow tie. The width of the latter should be in proportion with the jacket lapels. In more formal, elegant cases, the bow tie should be worn with a dinner jacket and tailcoat. In the first case the accessory will be black, best if it is in nylon or shiny silk and matching the cummerbund. With the tailcoat, the bow tie should be white and best if it is piqué like the waistcoat.
Lastly, you can wear the bow tie even with a waistcoat or sweater, again matched up with the jacket.

The shirt with bow tie attracts attention and is ideal for all formal and elegant situations.
You can also wear it for occasions that require a casual outfit: in this case, we recommend you choose a pointed or narrow bow tie, perhaps with alternative colours to the classic ones or with unusual patterns.
The bow tie adapts even to business occasions when you wish to convey a less conventional style.

Now that you know everything about bow ties, you can wear it without worrying or difficulty. Even the knot is not difficult to do (it is a bit like a shoelace) and, in case, you can buy a pre-prepared one which is easier to wear.

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