Shirt and tie: find your perfect combination


Ties are essential accessories in any man’s wardrobe: there are countless colours, lots of fabrics, and a range of different shapes. This is why ties are a detail that can make or break an outfit, with totally original or extremely elegant results. Recognising types and finding out how to combine shirts and ties is definitely a dressing must!

Standard ties
Let’s start with the easiest combination, using a tie that isn’t too casual or formal: the standard. It is at least 8 centimetres wide and suits different types of shirt, from more traditional to trendier models. You can wear this tie with almost all types of collar: cutaway, spread, semi-spread and button down. So, if you don’t want to get your shirt and tie combination wrong, choose a standard tie.

Be a bit daring with a skinny tie
If your outfit is casual and you want to look on trend, then this is the right accessory for you. A skinny tie stands out for its slender design: the maximum width is between 3 and 5 centimetres. You can wear it to contrast with a cutaway collar, which is the most classic of the combinations; with a semi spread collar to give you a more formal look, and lastly, with a button down, for that totally casual feel.

Bow tie: the king of elegance
The bow tie is very formal and definitely needs an outfit with a more traditional flavour. This is why it is often used with the wing tip collar, characteristically seen on dress shirts and worn with a dinner jacket for gala evenings. For less formal but still elegant occasions, you can wear a bow tie with a spread collar. The only rule to follow: the collar tips must never be on show.

Ascot tie: a stylish accessory
The Ascot tie is a men’s cravat, always in silk, that is tied loosely around the collar. The Ascot tie has a long tradition and now it is back in fashion, it can be used to create outfits with a dandy, metropolitan style and to convey a fresh note of elegance. To create this style, it should be worn with a semi-spread collar, or, to create a look with a certain period class, with a wing tip collar.

Lastly, we can’t ignore the choice to wear a shirt without a tie, which creates a certain style: without this accessory the look is certainly much more informal. And not forgetting those cases where a tie can’t be worn, such as with a Mandarin collar.

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