Shirt dress: the trend that is warming the winter


When faced with an item of clothing that never goes out of fashion and improves with the passing of time with the addition of different details to fall into line with current fashion, keep an eye on it as we are talking about an irreplaceable, unmissable item of clothing.
This is the case with the shirt dress or long shirt, with a clean cut that picks up on the shape of the shirt, reaching at least as far as the knee. Long or short, tight at the waist or comfy fitting, in all its variations, this item of clothing has been part of fashion’s history. It made its first, unforgettable screen appearance in the film Philadelphia Story, worn by Katharine Hepburn.

The shirt dress or chemisier is one of the trends in the F/W 2017/2018 and is also one of Xacus’ proposals for this Autumn/Winter. Warm and sought-after, the light wool shirt dresses are highly-versatile as they lend themselves to being worn both on their own or over other items of clothing. So that, even on the coldest of days, you can achieve maximum comfort but with a trendy look.

Heidi is the striped shirt dress that dares without being too overpowering. The pinstriped, light wool falls softly over the body as far as the mid-calf. The long slit adds exuberant attitude in contrast with the “tight-lipped” personality expressed by the buttons.
So, Heidi can be worn open and combined with a shirt and pair of trousers, acting as a soft embrace or can be worn closed, with a warm jumper hidden underneath and a pair of tights and ankle boots, for a more intriguing look.

Noa, the long shirt dress, has a completely different style with three-quarter length puff sleeves and small collar. It has an elegant, classic cut with high, narrow waist and flared skirt that leaves just the ankles showing. This item of clothing is also in light wool, ideal both for wearing on its own, as well as with other clothes. Noa can be completed with a short, black jacket or matched with the Raffa gilet.

Both items of clothing have a versatile nature despite their completely opposing personalities. Both play around with other items of clothing creating numerous combinations that lend themselves to different occasions as well as crisper days.
The perfect shirt dress for winter is the one that creates a trendy outfit while simultaneously providing enough warmth, combining comfort and fashion, two aspects that do not always go hand-in-hand.

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