Shirt jacket: every man’s essential, sophisticated garment


Hybrid items are emblematic of refinement because they encompass the best of two different items, which end up performing exactly the same function. This is what happens with the shirt jacket that has the same shape and appearance as a shirt, but is used as a jacket.
Having at least one in your wardrobe makes it easier to combine different outfits, especially mid-season. The shirt jacket is worn on occasions that definitely require a casual, sporting look, matching it with a shirt of the same style. It can be produced in different heavy fabrics, like wool, or even with lighter materials like linen and denim. The denim shirt jacket is one of the most commonly used models because it is easier to replace a bomber jacket or jacket.
This garment can be worn not only with a shirt but also with a t-shirt, especially if it is not cold and if the occasion requires a more casual look. In winter, on the other hand, it can be worn under a down jacket for greater comfort and warmth.

As long as the temperatures remain cold, the jersey shirt jacket is an essential item for providing warmth and adding a touch of originality to your look. The malfilé effect of the weave makes this item unusual in a photo, whether worn buttoned or unbuttoned you can match it with a grey shaded striped shirt and blue jeans. Worn in place of a cardigan or sweater, this men’s shirt jacket adds decisive character to the outfit.

With Spring on the way, it is better to choose something lighter and in a clearer shade. The grey-blue linen shirt jacket with small pocket and buttons that follow the season’s trend with its comfortable fit, is ideal. It can be worn with white or blue shirts or with striped grey garments as shown in the photo. In this case, the shirt jacket is used as outerwear, providing the combination with a fresh, casual style. The hat is a lively detail that reflects its colour.

This particular model, that combines jacket and shirt, is a versatile garment suited to different occasions while still making all the difference, as it proves itself to be a genuinely sophisticated item.

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