Shirts are a popular gift for men at Christmas


The shirt is a versatile item of clothing, found in every man’s wardrobe, classic, sporty or otherwise. Precisely for it is easy to use, the shirt is ideal for creating different outfits and therefore, the more you have, the larger number of combinations will be possible. This is why shirts are always the right choice for a man’s Christmas present, as long as it is carefully selected based on the personality of the person receiving it.

Giving shirts for Christmas is not as difficult as you think, in fact, it is really simple if you choose to purchase a Xacus item of clothing from our e-shop. In one of our recent articles we explained how to take measurements when purchasing a Xacus shirt on-line, taking an item you already own as a benchmark. Once you have all the data, you can compare it against the measurements in the useful tables in the e-shop and understand which shirt is perfect for your male gifts.
There is a measurements table for each fit available on the Xacus site. Evolution Classic, Tailor Custom and Slim Fit, including two Extralong versions (5 cm longer). The three kinds of fit will help you when choosing your shirt: the Classic is a comfortable fit, suitable for those who love comfort and freedom of movement. The Slim is perfect for a lean figure, for those who enjoy staying in shape and want to show off an item of clothing suited to their physical proportions, even at the cost of sacrificing a little comfort (in this case opting for an elasticated shirt would be the best solution). Lastly, the Tailor Custom, a hybrid: not overly neat, it is the ideal compromise for adding a trendy touch even to the fit.
When picking Christmas gifts for men, bear in mind the personality, style and use made of the shirt by the person receiving it: as well as picking the right fit, you can get inspiration from the looks suggested on the site: evening, business, sporty, fashion, formal, casual and denim. This way it is easier to look for the perfect shirt: all you need to know are the tastes of the person receiving it and how you would like them to use it.
Furthermore, you have special items available like the no iron shirts and the more elegant ones designed to be worn with cuff links: whether the person receiving the gift is a businessman who travels regularly or someone who often attends prestigious events, you will find the shirt for him.

Lastly, via the Xacus e-shop, you can give a truly unique gift. After picking the shirt to give as a gift, you can have their initials embroidered on it: a detail that will make the gift irreplaceable. You can even create personalised Christmas presents by choosing the treasured Xacus box, decorated with the name and surname of the person receiving the gift.

Visit the Xacus e-shop and discover how easy it is to find the right shirt for your Christmas present.

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