Stripes&Styles for women, how to match striped shirts and dresses in summer womenswear


Wearing striped dresses or shirts is not always considered the easiest route to take for a woman. Whether horizontal, vertical or oblique, stripes bring back in to focus the eternal dilemma: how to choose the rights ones to enhance the female form? To appear always “cool”, you just need to follow a few, simple tips.

First of all, forget the “stripes = work-and-formality” equation. Having debunked this false myth, it is universally acknowledged that striped shirts are perfect for any occasion and adapt easily to a wide variety of outfits.


When do we use them and with which outfits?

A striped shirt can certainly be coordinated with simple but at the same time elegant pieces such as trouser- or skirt-suits, or with an on-trend two-piece jacket-and-trousers outfit.

It can, however, also become a leading player in the summer offering a casual, effortless look, with turned-up sleeves and worn with a pair of jeans. With a striped shirt, the choice of combination varies also according to the style.

The most common styles of striped shirt

A slim-fit striped shirt combines well with a pair of tight, skinny cigarette or slightly bootcut trousers, but the ideal match is with a pencil skirt.
With a cropped shirt, you can choose a flared skirt or palazzo pants, both very high-waisted. However, if the striped shirt is loose-fitting, wear it inside shorts or over a short, tight skirt.

Among the striped garments that are cool and ideal for the summer, we must also mention tunics and shirt-dresses, suitable for any body type and capable of combining with almost any accessories. Here too, the general rule is to add coordinating shoes and bags in plain colours.

Horizontal, vertical or oblique? Combinations of stripes

Horizontal stripes make for a trendy, cool and casual style, giving an optical effect that emphasizes the body curves of the female form.

Vertical stripes, on the other hand, tend to slim down the figure. If you’re looking for a striped shirt that gives you a trim shape, opt for thinner, darker stripes, for example a black-and-white striped shirt to wear over jeans.

Oblique stripes, unusual and quirky, are ideal for flared skirts or floaty dresses. They’re the new “must-haves” for those who want to enhance their look in certain very precise points: in this case, too, narrow stripes slim down the figure, while broader ones serve to accentuate the effect of volume.

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