Style icons: the white shirt and the audacious elegance of Ryan Gosling


He is one of the coolest men of the moment and one of the most acclaimed international actors. We have chosen Ryan Gosling as our style icon this month: his unconventional good looks and a permanent frown give him a charmingly rugged air. This 36-year-old Canadian has managed to emerge in the world of cinema because of his artistic versatility, interpreting complicated and unscrupulous characters but also carefree men in love. Reserved and irreverent, Gosling is known in the world of fashion for his particular taste: he loves elegance and detail, and prefers classic shirts and tailored suits, always with a dash of daring.

Gosling loves shirts and wears them both for grand occasions and on set, mixing and matching in his own way. The outfit he wore on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival this year was much talked about. For the premier of the film “First Man”, the actor rebelled against the formal dress code by turning up in a white dinner jacket, black trousers and white shirt with a straight-point collar completely buttoned up but without the essential accessory: the bow tie or tie. More than an oversight, it was a courageous style choice that Gosling often and willingly adopts in order to highlight the other elements of his outfit such as a slim-fit Italian suit. For special events he usually wears an unbuttoned white shirt, of which he is a big fan, with jacket and trousers in eccentric colours like electric blue, green or burgundy. Even on set Gosling is keen to maintain a certain level of elegance: how can we forget the scene in “La La Land”, where the protagonist Sebastian dances divinely wearing a white shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbow, collar half open and a loose tie with a thin, narrow knot. 

A white shirt and suit are the two key elements of his unmistakable formal style. And in everyday life? When he is not in the spotlight, the young labourer Noah in “The Notebook” likes wandering around the streets of Hollywood wearing a simple white round-neck T-shirt or more informal types of shirts, such as checked shirts teamed with denim, leather and bomber jackets, and belts and sunglasses for an iconic look. So what is Ryan Gosling’s secret? Being effortlessly incredibly stylish and masculine, and always up-to-date.

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