Successful women’s shirt and skirt outfits, combining styles, shapes, and colours


Worn together, skirts and women’s shirts are the very symbol of femininity, which may be classic but also ultramodern, casual or for grandes soirées. With such a variety of cuts, tones and styles, these two items combine brilliantly to create a range of outfits.
It’s fun to be able to play with different looks for every occasion, but often, deciding the right skirt and shirt combination is not an easy thing to do. So let’s take a look at how to achieve perfect results!

We can start with colour, playing with contrasts created using light and dark colours, or opting for ton sur ton effects. An example? A Iolanda white shirt accompanied by a long, straight skirt with pleats: the creative colour combination blends perfectly thanks to the neutral shades on the design of the back and to the colour of the sandals. The Marta striped shirt adds its white and extremely pale blue tones to this snow-coloured denim midi skirt. An ideal combination, that can be set off to great effect with dark wedges.

Shape is also important: an outfit is perfect when shirt and skirt complement each other with even lines or when they “drop” in the same manner. Take the Mara shirt, for example: it flares slightly under the waist, just like the long skirt in blue satin, creating a flowing look from the hips down. Even the sleeveless Maia shirt with vertical stripes, is a perfect geometric match for the white denim midi, creating a beautiful symmetry that gives a sense of character to the whole outfit.

And then we should take a look at style. The same skirt, worn with different shirts, can create outfits with different flavours. The Zoe shirt, worn over a short pleated skirt with side bow, creates a casual look, thanks also to some comfy sneakers. Worn with a Nina shirt, the same skirt, with the bow in the centre, creates a more elegant look. The mother-of-pearl buttons and classic shapes of the shirt convey elegance, making it ideal with this soft skirt and a pair of bright sandals.

If you follow these tips, you can have fun creating all the combinations you want, with your skirts and shirts by Xacus. Soft, flowing shirts in bright colours, such as Francy, are a perfect combination with a bright wrap-over skirt, while elegant shirts with Bishop sleeves are ideal with frothy skirts with a kimono style, as is the case of Diana.

Let your creative side loose: create your own colour palette and combine shapes and styles for outfits to suit any occasion.

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