Suits to match white or coloured shirts by Xacus


When it’s a matter of matching clothes, there are rules on taste and fashion, rules that we try to combine with a touch of original flair – essential when seeking that standout look. Shirts and suits are the focal points of a delicate balance, mixing colours, weaves and fabrics.
How do you create an impeccable but at the same time, individual outfit? By following our advice, of course!

White shirt combinations? Simple!
A white shirt is the most versatile, a perfect match for almost any colour. Thanks to its classic, clean-cut style, it is the go-to option when you aren’t quite sure of the combination.
A white shirt with a black suit is definitely the most classic of combinations, while with a grey suit, it creates the ideal outfit for any situation, from the most formal to the more relaxed occasion.
If you want a modern, eye-catching look for the office, then the ideal pairing is with a dark blue suit. A men’s white shirt also looks great with a light brown suit, for an outfit that combines warm shades while keeping to classic style.

The light blue shirt: an essential wardrobe staple
A light blue shirt is not as classical as its white counterpart, but its effect is equally formal. This colour adds a hint of warmth and is perfect for office wear. Light blue is easy to match and every shade in the pale blue palette fits well with every skin tone or hair colour.
For a more casual effect, opt for a light blue shirt with a grey suit, while for a more classical outfit, choose a light brown suit – especially ideal in summer. Not sure whether to go for casual or
classical? Wear your shirt with a dark blue suit, the perfect combination whatever the occasion.

The pink shirt: brighten up your style
A pink shirt will liven up the palette in your wardrobe, breaking with the monotony and brightening up your style. The ideal pairing for this shirt is with contrasting tones or even similar colours, as long as the shirt is in a soft shade, like powder pink.
If you want to be sure of creating the perfect look, then choose a dark blue suit for your pink shirt, while if you’d rather wear a more neutral colour but you still want a bold touch, then opt for a grey model. Do you want to “warm up” your look? Then try a pink shirt with a light brown suit.

The denim shirt: for a daring look
Yes, we are suggesting you wear a denim shirt with a suit! It’s the right choice if you want to take your usual look a step forward. All you need to do is choose a fine shirt with an open collar, and wear it with a black or dark grey suit. This might just be the perfect outfit for a Friday in the office, but be careful not to wear it in more elegant settings.

Now you know how to match your shirts to your suits to create the perfect outfit for any occasion, with these tips, you can’t go wrong!

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