Summer’s go-to garment for women? The linen shirt


Leave your T-shirts, tank tops, and dresses in improbable, ultra-coloured synthetic fabrics behind you. The true go-to garment when it comes to elegance and style, every spring and summer – and we’ll never get tired of saying it – is a women’s shirt in linen. It’s elegant, light, and suitable for any age and body shape. The linen shirt is a tribute to simplicity because, aside from all of the trends and gimmicky mixes and matches that fashion can offer, simplicity will always be the key element for looking chic. 


If you don’t know what to wear to the beach, the lake or in the mountains during the warmer season, then a women’s shirt is the solution to any fashion dilemma. What makes this the go-to garment for the summer is linen. Christian Dior used to say that “to the dressmaker, linen is the same as marble to a sculptor: a noble material”, because it is beautiful, cool and soft on the skin. And linen shirts are even more elegantly chic in neutral colours, including bright white and pale blue, together with simple fits. In fact, the waved cut on the hips makes the most of and balances out the body’s curves. It has a normal button fastening, single-button cuffs and pleated placket, but the real touch of class is in its mandarin collar, a detail to add value and character to the garment.


And what can you wear with your linen shirt? For guaranteed success, try pairing it with items in neutral colours such as beige, khaki, dove grey, army green, or brown. For example, to create a casual chic outfit, a white or pale blue linen shirt is a perfect match for baggy or high-waisted linen trousers accompanied by a pair of sandals in leather with a heel or wedge. Since a linen women’s shirt is such a versatile item, you can always wear it over a pair of shorts – not ripped, so as not to spoil the elegance of the outfit – or with a pair of blue jeans to create a sportier chic effect.


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