Summer shirts and new trends: 5 must-haves for S/S 19


In the world of fashion there are details that are offshoots of recent trends and others that are the pillars of fashion and are presented year after year. If the tiller is the style that everyone adapts to their taste and character, the route is defined by the latest trends of important designers. But what are the 5 menswear and, in particular, summer shirt must-haves? Discard the more eccentric and overdressed looks, use logos, prints and patterns with due parsimony and, above all, rediscover the beauty of simplicity. Pastels, Hawaiian nostalgia, the comfort of casual styles, timeless references to good taste and elegance, the new season includes men’s shirts for all tastes, or better wardrobes.


The short-sleeved shirt

This summer shirt has always been at the centre of heated debates; it goes against established tradition, is an unconventional compromise in keeping with the formality of the long-sleeved shirt or the T-shirt’s sporty approach. This scepticism has been widely overcome; the short-sleeved shirt is an excellent casual alternative, perfect for informal occasions. Obviously a few rules need to be followed: never wear a short-sleeved shirt under a jacket or on more formal occasions. Another important element is the fit; causal must never, ever mean shabby or, worse still, shoddy. Therefore, avoid a fit that is too tight around the torso or too baggy.

Fresh, cool linen for summer shirts

If there is an essential material that is both precious and lightweight for the wardrobe of a true gentleman, it is linen. Whether it is a linen shirt with a straight-point, spread or Korean collar, its peculiarity is that it is soft and looks lived-in thanks to the structure of the fabric. For this reason it is perfect with classic gabardine trousers with single front darts, or with wide baggy trousers in neutral colours if the fit of the shirt is slightly oversized. Complete the outfit with classic accessories such as a carefully coordinated plaited leather belt or pocket square.


Korean shirt for a sporty look 

The lightness of linen often pairs well with a Korean shirt, which confers a casual, sporty look to the outfit. This type of shirt goes perfectly with a coloured suit, a trend that is very much in vogue for menswear now. Which colours? The most popular are shades of white, sky blue and dark green, but there are also stripes in various hues and widths.

Prints and patterned shirts

As already mentioned, Spring 2019 welcomes prints and patterns, but without exaggerating. Floral and tropical motifs in various hues can be an original way to recall the desire for summer, which is already making itself felt, and the style detail that makes all the difference in the beachwear for the man who likes to be classy even at the beach. Hence patterned shirts that recall the vintage America of the Sixties and Seventies, Hawaiian shirts and insatiable surfers. Shirts in cold colours that can be worn tucked into trousers or untucked, depending on how sporty you want to be.


The striped shirt that never goes out of fashion

Last but not least, a must for the warm weather, the eternal star of the male wardrobe: the striped shirt. Whether wide or fine, pastel shades, contrasting colours or tone on tone, the choice is endless (or almost), if you want to opt for an outfit that is casual and chic at the same time. 






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