Sustainable fashion: the new generation of high-performance recycled fabrics.


The Xacus Active-shirt is a sustainable shirt created using exclusive Japanese technology and designed for a dynamic, metropolitan lifestyle, capable of combining elegance with the ultimate practicality. Its polyamide and elastane fibres make it an extremely breathable garment with 3D stretch that dries rapidly to ensure comfort when used in every active scenario.


A sustainable fabric for nature and the environment.

The technology behind the polyamide fibres used to make the Active-shirts by Xacus, is the result of innovative processes geared to protecting the environment and its resources. The production systems are designed to reduce water consumption, using electricity from renewable sources with a view to cutting CO2 emissions. For example, the entire process required to produce a cotton t-shirt, from the cultivation of the cotton to the dyeing and production stages, requires approximately 2,700 litres of water. The polyamide fibres made with our Japanese technology and the fact that we recycle the waters we use in our production processes, enable the same garment to be produced with just 50 litres of water, a significant saving for the planet’s water resources. Thanks to the use of the most modern industrial technologies, the Active fabrics are manufactured releasing a level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere that is 10 times lower than the standards established by the European Union.

Circular economy and product innovation.

Our commitment is focused on the development of products conceived to favour a circular economy, geared to reduce the depletion of raw materials and eliminate the waste sent to landfill. But what is exactly is the circular economy? It’s an economic system based on a production model using materials derived from products that have come to the end of their life cycle. Such products are retransformed into new raw materials, ready to be used to create new objects. This is why we develop garments designed to be easily repaired or even completely transformed. The fabrics of the Active line are all sourced by recovering abandoned fishing nets. These are dumped on the seabed, killing thousands of marine creatures every year and deserting large areas of our marine landscape. Once recovered, the fishing nets are retransformed into polymers, the basic component of Econyl, a 100% recycled Nylon material used to manufacture many products, including the Xacus Active shirts. Once their life cycle is over, these shirts can be fully recycled together with other plastic materials to make new products. A perfectly circular system affording many benefits for the environment.

Sustaining nature is a constant commitment that can only be maintained by implementing new technologies and raising consumers’ awareness to help them make better choices. Choosing a sustainable product means being part of a process that will protect the future of our planet.

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