Sustainable shirts. Travel Shirt: now in organic cotton.


Travel-shirt, the shirt designed for men on the move is now itself moving in a new direction, one that’s better for the environment, with choices and new features to make it even more sustainable and better performing. Let’s take a look.


Giza organic cotton.

This cotton is grown on the banks of the River Nile and produced and certified according to European organic growing standards. The production, which follows natural processes and never artificial ones, safeguards the soil, the ecosystem and of course, people. These crops are grown without the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs, which works to the benefit of the environment and of good quality of life for all involved, thanks to the efficient combination of tradition, innovation and science. Although organic cotton is certainly not a newcomer to the mass market clothing industry, Giza quality with organic certification is grown in far smaller quantities and is much more difficult to source. The raw materials used in top quality shirt making need long fibre cotton that grows only in specific areas, such as the banks of the Nile. After special treatment processes, the double twist yarn obtained is used to create a top-performance fabric that uses the body’s temperature to stop the formation of creases in the shirt while it is being worn.

An OGM-free, sustainable choice.

Organic cotton offers notable advantages for the environment. In fact it is estimated that compared to intensively grown cotton, it has a 46% lower impact on the global warming (fewer fertilisers, pesticides and tractors), a 70% reduction in soil acidification and a drastic saving in terms of water (up to 91%), thanks to reduced irrigation. Organic seeds are absolutely not GMO (genetically modified organisms) and are selected based on their intrinsic natural abilities to withstand drought and floods. This guarantees a product that is absolutely natural, with seeds that can be recuperated from the crops themselves, remaining available to the growers. Each single cotton bale is certified starting with the farm where it was grown and harvested. The conformity certificates also follow the whole transformation cycle, from spinning through to the finished product.

The Xacus Travel Shirt, designed to satisfy the needs of the more demanding traveller, thanks to the choice of high-end Giza organic cotton, has been able to use a yarn that is even more breathable, brilliant and soft, as well as able to remain impeccable-looking and crease free, from the early morning through to the evening, for a neat, tidy look that never fails to be elegant.

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