The art of becoming opens a dialogue between the contemporary, artistic avant-garde and the luxury shirts company Xacus


The pairing of art and fashion is the focus of the project, The art of becoming”, which. Xacus has created by entering into dialogue with contemporary avant-garde artists. This is another aspect of the evolution of language that the Vicenza-based company operates within its communicative universe, which has always aimed to observe and grasp the trends and changes of a historical period that updates with the speed of the digital generation. This gives rise to new synergies that result in ideas and projects with exclusive concepts, destined to become history and to establish a lasting link between Xacus and the art world, while their creative value grows over time. An initiative - The Art of Becoming - which brings a breath of fresh air to the heritage of a brand that has always been orientated towards exploring new avenues by pushing past its boundaries.

The aim is to highlight the value of the work of art during its evolutionary process, up to its completion, the attainment of its final form.

This is an area that is very close to the heart of the leading company in the luxury shirts sector, due to its similarity with the process of conception, creation and genesis of a garment, which takes shape exactly like a work of art, and also for its ability to respectfully look at the birth and evolution of this new contemporary “creativity”, because there can be no fashion that is not able to pay attention to the topicality of its cultural context.

A project that is divided into chapters to give voice to the leading names of the new generation of art and which will see its launch with the opening of the new flagship store in Milan in October 2022.

Xacus has selected seven artists to interpret, using different forms and aesthetic codes, the fundamental values and aspects of a company that - relying on traditions and historical memory - evolves together with the needs and language of contemporary society.

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