The best of Italian shirt fabric partners: Canclini Tessile


Xacus’s love for quality fabrics has always led the company to choose and cooperate exclusively with the best known historic companies in the Italian shirt making sector. Canclini Tessile is one of these companies. It has a rich cultural heritage, 450,000 types of fabrics in its archives – collected from the end of 18th century to today – and over 100 dobby and Jacquard looms in order to be able to offer a wide range of fabrics. 

Canclini was founded over 90 years ago in 1925 at Como and specializes in the ancient working of a noble and precious material, silk. After a little more than thirty years, the first generational change happened which led the company to abandon the world of silk to embrace that of cotton, with the same tenacity and industry. The company began to trade abroad, continuing to grow steadily until the ‘80s when the second generational change and the purchase of innovative machinery took place, and Canclini become one of the most important producers of shirt fabrics in Italy.

From Oxford weave to poplin, from jersey to zephyr, twill and velvets, Canclini produces more than a thousand types of shirt fabrics with long compact and twisted yarns, in pure Egyptian cotton and linen. The same close attention to the selection of materials and their origin is reflected in all the processing phases: from spinning to twisting, warping and finishing, the company takes the utmost care in every step to ensure that the yarns are always of the highest technical quality. Xacus chose Canclini as its partner in realizing refined beautifully tailored shirts precisely because of this modern production capacity and wide range of precious fabrics.

  • Abdul Ghaffar Zahri
    Hi I'm Abdul from Malaysia I some good classic fabric to make shirt 100% Cotton or linen. Is hard to ready made shirt to buy because my size 3XL . I hope you can help me to supply some fabric 30 pieces. Do have trousers fabric ?
    • › Giada - Xacus -
      Hello Abdul, thank you for your message. We don't offer this type of service but, if you want, you can visit our e-shop to find out the Xacus shirts most suitable for you. https://eshop.xacus.com/wo_en/
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