The best shirts to wear back to the office in style and comfort.


Many of us are already back in the office, while others are still working from home but are starting to make their way back into the office and meet up with customers. We will definitely be breaking with our routine of extremely relaxed fits - not to mention much-loved leisurewear for working from home - soon to make way for blazers, trousers, lace-ups and of course, shirts. A great classic in pure business style and a genuine wardrobe essential, whether your look is ultra-formal or more casual. Let’s take a look at the best shirt models and the perfect fabrics for office living, without too much trauma but with a little added comfort.

Twill shirts: perfect with a tie.

Twill is a fabric that features a characteristic “twill” weave that stands out for its diagonal pattern, which adds softness and sheen. A twill shirt is perfect for all seasons; it is crease resistant, easy iron and hardwearing. Ideal for a formal office look, a blue-toned striped shirt in Twill  with small Kent collar, is a great match with a solid-colour or contrasting patterned tie, a dark blue suit, and a pair of classic black or deep brown lace-up shoes. Another great classic with a silky weave that feels good on the skin.


Poplin shirts: the middle way between formal and informal.

Poplin is a fabric that stands out for a twill weave using twice as many warp threads as weft ones, and for its imperceptible striped effect. A Poplin shirt is an authentic men's fashion classic, thanks to its fine, bright, compact appearance. Ideal for an everyday business look, with or without a tie, a light blue Poplin shirt  with a Kent collar looks great with an unmatched suit, blue jacket, classic dark grey trousers and a pair of black brogues. Poplin always offers uniquely comfortable wear, thanks to its excellent softness, strength and breathability.

Oxford shirts for casual business style.

Oxford has its own distinctive “grainy” appearance, created with fine coloured threads for the warp and thicker white threads for the weft. A fabric with a versatile, sporty character, great covering power, and a more or less thick consistency that adapts to more formal occasions. The white Oxford shirt in the new X-Care collection is ideal for wearing back to the office, safely. This is the first shirt to keep viruses and bacteria away using Viroformulatechnology, developed by Cotonificio Albini in collaboration with Swiss company Heiq. Ideal for that casual Fridaylook, it also works well with dark jeans, a dove grey cardigan and white sneakers. Oxford is extremely hardwearing, easy to iron, and has a great sheen for style that won’t go unnoticed.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite shirt and your more or less formal look, all that’s left is to take your stylish eleganceback into the workplace.

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