The blouse, the women’s shirt that’s synonymous with style and elegance


Like the little black dress, the blouse is a must-have in any women’s wardrobe. Blouses have been worn as far back as Roman times, although they became established fashion elements thanks to personages such as Marie Antoinette and Coco Chanel who, with their charisma, bold character and sense of style were able to revolutionise the concept of femininity and fashion in their times. Today, the blouse is considered an iconic garment that can be worn by women of all types.

Women’s shirts are versatile, kaleidoscopic garments with changing shapes, colours, and fabrics. This is the image that Xacus is proposing for spring/summer 2018, in a range of blouses that are ideal for any moment. Professional, elegant, and comfy looks, which is how a woman feels when wearing a Clara model for the office, a close-waisted fit in white with three-quarter sleeves and a stiff boat neck. Detailing is what makes the difference here: large, stylised flowers embroidered all over the fabric are a nod to the first blossoms of spring.

And if we take a look at what is coming for summer, the women’s shirts designed by Xacus will have soft lines, original weaves and a light palette. Flavia and Amanda are two models with different shapes but the exact same elegance. Flavia is flared, with short sleeves and a wide sash that ties around the waist. The standard model in total white is perfect for wearing inside or outside the office. Amanda stands out for its bell shape, off the shoulder style and light blue colour, alternated with a white flower weave. Worn over a pair of jeans with accessories, such as a colourful necklace, these two shirts can set off an early tan. We also have a shirt that is midway between a blouse and a poncho, in bright colours with an exotic weave – Clea, the ideal garment for a bright, sunny woman who loves to enjoy every moment in her day.

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