The irresistible charm of a uniform: a military shirt is a timeless piece for him and for her


On-trend 365 days a year, the military shirt is one of the key pieces for the F/W 21-22 season. Inspired by the uniform of the marines “a genuine authority” when it comes to appeal, military shirts are worn by sex symbols from the film industry and can be seen on men’s and women’s catwalks, in bold looks that cross the gender divide.

Distinguishing features: epaulettes and patch pockets, a palette of earth shades, ranging from green to brown and grey, in perfect camo style, even if the more recent collections have also seen a tendency to choose shades of blue in pure military style looks that demonstrate a new form of urban camouflage.


More and more designers are bringing back army style for shirts, cargo pants, and outerwear that, we have to say, are selling out in stores everywhere because, as we all know, no one can resist the charm of a uniform.
Balmain has revamped around thirty army looks for men and women, with the most glamorous version ever seen - mixing cargo pants and flight jackets with gold chains and super heels, or ultra cool army boots. A range of outfits inspired by air force uniforms, revolutionised to have a decidedly unconventional, ultra-fashionable key, in an exceptional location among the jets of Air France.
The fashion industry’s great versatility lies in its ability to renew itself, even when showing us ideas we think we’ve seen before. All it takes is an accessory or an unconventional combination to transform a look and show us a brand new version of ourselves.

It was 1968 when John Lennon  went for an  army shirt to sing the cover of  “Live in New York”, and Yoko Ono wore an army jacket in protest against the war, while also launching a new trend that we can still say has never really gone out of style.
From a pacifist protest symbol for young generations in Europe during the 1970s, in just a short time, the army-style shirt has become an on-trend fashion item, a roaring success on the Paris catwalks, from Paul&Joe to Isabel Marant, through to its chicest version yet - the fluid silk and couture styling of Olivier Rousteing (Creative Director at Balmain) who has turned it into an authentic stylistic code.


We find it in the latest collections, adapted to modern fits, in hardwearing gabardine, with reinforcements on the shoulders, metal snap fastenings, and the traditional patch pockets with pointed flaps; or with a square cut for the slightly more classic version in 100% merino wool flannel, the perfect choice for a cold day, where the weave reveals all of the different shades of green used to make it. Just some of the modern interpretations of the military shirt, which never misses a chance to confirm, once again, its appeal, season after season.

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