The layered look: flannel shirt and denim jacket – why you must have them


When autumn arrives finding the “right” outfit that doesn’t make you feel too hot or too cold is not easy. The layered look is by far the best solution but you need to know how to achieve it.


To help you realize an impeccable and original mix and match, we recommend starting with a flannel shirt. Over-size garments and the use of thick, heavy fabrics are perfect for creating casual combinations with T-shirts, leather jackets, down jackets and coats. In fact, these overshirts can be worn over a light polo-neck top, like a jacket, or just with a T-shirt and padded jacket, without the top. But remember to balance the layers and the mix of fabrics and colours in order to avoid looking tacky.


The denim shirt is another garment that can be worn in many different ways for a casual layered look. In fact, another causal very ‘90s look is the combination of a round-neck T-shirt – preferably in a neutral colour – with a half unbuttoned denim or corduroy shirt under a classic leather or nylon bomber jacket.


A white shirt with a spread collar is definitely the best option for a more classic layered look. Worn under a light merino jumper and blazer or single-breasted jacket a white shirt can be teamed with a wide range of combinations, avoiding inappropriate colour combinations. If you want to be more casual it is better to opt for a checked or plain shirt teamed with a soft, fine shawl-neck cardigan.


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