The leading partners of Italian shirts: the Testa weaving mill


The shirt is style, fashion and trend. It is also manufacturing art, artisan history and love for fabrics, for the infinite creativity that is born from the interweaving of weave and warp. Italy is a land of great tradition and history. It is the birthplace of iconic companies in the Italian shirt sector. Companies that almost always bear the name of a family as passion is a genetic heritage that is passed down from father to son and from generation to generation. Xacus has the honour and the privilege of working with some of the most renowned and iconic companies. This is why Xacus wants to tell their stories and transmit their values through this blog. When you wear a shirt, you can feel the care, attention and love that men and women have dedicated to their work. 

Made in Italy means designed and created only in Italy and nowhere else 

This voyage of discovery starts with the Testa weaving mill. Since 1919, Testa from Romentino, a small town in the province of Piedmont, has represented a real cultural heritage for the production of fabrics for Italian and global luxury shirts. It is a modern protagonist that knows how to innovate as it has solid roots based in the knowledge and respect of tradition derived from excellence and evolution, courage and dedication. An integrated cycle company that has never stopped and will never stop to believe in Italian design and creation. Every single phase is controlled and certified, from the choice of the best raw materials to delivery that guarantees a product epitomizing values, difference and awareness. Fabric as an Italian ambassador in all parts of the world.  

The thousand fabrics of Italian style 

A horizontal approach to the male and female shirt universe offers Testa an important advantage in an offer that spans from the most classic and formal up to the virtuosity of prints and luxury sportswear, and from the most delicate knitwear to the most refined jacquard. In addition, the Three - Ply has been recently developed to meet the needs of more contemporary life. This is a special fabric (Triple Twist), with notable resistance to rubbing that guarantees comfort and complete wearability that is unlikely to crinkle and easy to iron. From the most refined tailors to the greatest and most evolved fashion houses, Testa is the utmost expression of what it means to be Italian.

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